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Carelian Caviar is harvested from Siberian sturgeons farmed in an indoor facility in the beautiful  Slavonian lake region of Finland.

The company believes in sustainable and environmentally-responsible aquaculture.

Carelian Caviar is non-pasteurized, has no preservatives and no additives.

The salt content is less than 3%  one of the lowest in the industry.

It is silky in the mouth, with a perfectly integrated saltiness and a long fresh aftertaste of the lake and sea.
Its flavor has been described from buttery to nutty.

In the tradition of fine caviar, the Savonian experience is transportive, passionate and intense.
Every shipment of Carelian Caviar imported to Singapore is accompanied with a CITES certificate and an international agreement between the two governments to ensure that the international trade-in of wild animal and plant specimens does not threaten their survival.
Ultimately, one must try and decide Your personal preference on how to savor this delicacy.

Chef’s Recommendation
 Al Naturale con i Blinis

A full Tin of Carelian Caviar with Blinis & Traditional Condiments


Nordic Royal (Oscietra style)

30gr $150 / 50gr $220 / 125gr $590


Please enquire us  directly to place your order

6837 1468 – for your request

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